Tomato cream soup  15 zł



Mini bruschetta with beef  19 zł

Mini bruschetta with tomatoes, garlic and pesto  15 zł

Thai style prawns with chili, ginger and coconut cream (6 pcs.)  29 zł


Homemade pastas (make from original italian flour semola rimancinata) :

Tortellone with seafood  42 zł

Tortellone with truffles  37 zł

Tortellone with spinach and ricotta  29 zł

Tagliatelle with beef, wild mushrooms and truffle paste  44 zł

Tagliatelle with prawns with chili, garlic and parsley leaves  41 zł

Tagliatelle aglio olio e pepperoncino (pasta with oil, garlic and hot pepper)  22 zł

Tagliatelle carbonara  22 zł

Parrardelle with meat balls in tomato sauce  36 zł


Maincourses :

Chicken breast baked with totatoes, mozzarella, baked potatoes and salad  35 zł

Fried salmon fillet with baked potatoes and salad  42 zł

Italian beef burger (homemade bread roll, mozzarella, rocket salad, tomatoe, pesto, mustard and mayonasse sauce)  33 zł